January Term


Our signature program.

Your personal experience.

What if you could take a whole month off and dive into something you’re deeply passionate about? Would you choose to build on a skill you already have? Pursue something entirely new? Or even travel to a foreign country and experience an altogether different set of cultural values and customs?

At SMC, this is not a hypothetical question. It’s the foundation of January Term, a program that’s unique to Saint Mary’s College and widely adored by students and faculty alike. You’ll choose from courses and experiences on campus and around the world to design a unique academic experience that’s tailored to your interests.

Let curiosity guide you.

Whether you want to try your hand at podcasting, experiment with West African dance, or travel to Scandinavia to discover the secret to happiness, Jan Term is designed to take you further, and encourage you to pursue your interests. We make sure the constraints of a regular semester won't hold you back. Plus, the January Term Scholarship covers 75% of the cost of travel to make the experience even more affordable.

Check out all the courses offered during our January Term and start planning how you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to elevate your college experience.

Five SMC students stand and watch an adult and baby giraffe in Rwanda
Three students and an instructor in a garden looking at leaves one student is holding.

We offer on-campus, travel & remote courses.

In January Term, students have an incredibly wide variety of courses they can take on campus, as well as travel, and remote courses. SMC instructors create their own classes from their passions, expertise, and curiosity. This gives our students and faculty the opportunity to branch out and try out something new. 

Questions? Contact us

Jan Term Email: janterm@virreinatodelriodelaplata.com

Jan Term Director: Claire Williams

Email: cmw9@virreinatodelriodelaplata.com

Jan Term Office: South Arcade/Korth Tower Breezeway